Manually Entering Experiment Data

Data can often be captured by using file uploads, database queries, or the API. Data can also be entered in directly.


Single-valued data (e.g. concentration a base solution) can be entered in the bottom panel.

Multi-valued data (e.g. time duration or pH in a step) can be written to both inputs and outputs using the multi-valued data editor in the top panel. This top panel can be accessed two different ways:

1) right click on any cell in the bottom panel and select "edit data", or

2) click on the yellow indicator that appears on any multi-valued cell in your experiment

An individual run can have a mixture of single-valued and multi-valued properties. If the lower panel is used to change a value, then all multi-valued instances of the property will be converted to single-valued instances. On the other hand, if the upper panel is used to change values of a property then all values for this property will be converted to multi-valued. If a property is edited in the top panel to return a property to its single-valued state, its value will again be editable in the bottom panel. Single-valued data does not need to be cleaned to be exported on every row of the exported data table corresponding to the associated run.


Tips for Data Entry


Data tables can be pasted into the top panel and into runs. More details can be found here.

Fill Down

Fill down can be used to enter the same data across a selection of row in the top panel, or runs in the bottom panel. More details can be found here.

Sequence Generation

Sequences can be generated by right clicking on a selected cell and click on "generate value sequence". More details can be found here.


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