v1.b463 (Version 1, Build 463) - Released October 27, 2017

v1.b463 (Version 1, Build 463) - Released October 27, 2017

The new release contains these features and bug fixes.


New Features 


  • There is now a tooltip that displays the full contents of any cell, as well as its corresponding run label and run name. The tooltip will appear whenever a user hovers over the same cell for >1 second.

  • Run selections are now updated by clicking on any cell in the bottom panel, not just the check boxes that are often scrolled out of view.
    • A left click on any unselected cell will both de-select previously selected runs and select the run containing the clicked cell.
    • Ctrl-click (PC) or Cmd-click (Mac) will add the run containing the clicked cell to the current run selection.
    • Shift-click will add a contiguous block of runs to the current run selection.
  • In flow mode, when a user selects a single run or run aggregation, the other panel will automatically scroll into view the first connected run or run aggregation. Users can also jump up or down to the next block of connected runs using the arrow buttons that have been introduced next to the anchor button:


  • listExperiments API updated with modified_before and modified_after filters to select only the experiments modified before or after a certain date/time.
  • There are new methods for creating, updating and deleting teams as well as adding a member to a team and removing a member.


Issues Fixed 

Design & Measure:

  • Drag row action has been disabled when user tries to highlight target value in edit state.
  • Step names including words with >15 characters would sometimes display incorrectly. This has been fixed.


  • The resource assignment indicator in the header will now display correctly even when runs are aggregated.
  • Modify, Order, and Attachments tabs now have the same navigation header as Plan and Execute tabs.
  • Sometimes when selecting a step containing a large numbers of runs the spinner/guard screen would not appear right away. This has been fixed.
  • If a user deletes a planned value, Execute mode will now display the target value from the process design if it exists.
  • In flow mode, the resource column names are now centered.
  • Under some circumstances the FILTER element would download file from wrong step. This has been fixed.


  • Timeout logic adjusted to facilitate uploading files > 10 MB.
  • Manual Data Entry interface is now displaying multiple steps in the expected order.


  • Errors were being thrown if user edited experiment while its data was being calculated for export. This has been fixed.
  • Target values of 0 or empty string were not being exported. This has been fixed.


  • Experiments in trash are once again being deleted after 7 days.
  • In the Tag Details modal the remove action now waits for user to cancel or confirm by clicking "Cancel" or "Update" buttons.
  • The remove tag tooltip in the Tag Details modal will now disappear after user mouses away from remove tag button.

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