Step 2: Building and configuring a Riffyn Data Agent

A Riffyn Data Agent (or just “Data Agent” for short) is a Virtual Machine (VM) running the Riffyn Data Agent software. The Riffyn Data Agent can be run anywhere a virtual environment is available.  Any desktop or laptop running VirtualBox or equivalent, AWS or any other virtual environment capable of running the a virtual machine.  For security reasons please ensure it is running in a secure environment, which means access to this machine is limited to authorized individuals and it is physically secure (protected from theft).

The currently supported operating system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).  Note: RHEL requires the purchase of separate license.  Riffyn does not provide such licenses with its distribution of the Data Agent. Contact the Red Hat for licensing options.


Build Instructions

Once you have RHEL virtual machine up and running please follow the instructions below to install and run the Data Agent.

If you have not yet created a Data Environment and Data Agent, please do that first.

1. Open a terminal window on the RHEL virtual machine. 

2. Riffyn Data Agent has dependencies on Docker 1.12 and Node JS 6.10 or higher . Install Docker and Node JS before installing Riffyn Data Agent RPM

3. Download the Data Agent from this link or by using curl or wget

       $ curl -O

4. Start Docker service before installing the rpm

$ service docker start

5. Untar the downloaded file and install the rpm.  Note you need to substitute <version> with the version from inside the tar file

$ tar -xf riffyn-agent-zero-latest.tar.bz2

rpm -i riffyn-agent-zero-<version>-1.amzn1.x86_64.rpm

For example:

$rpm -i riffyn-agent-zero-1.46-1.amzn1.x86_64.rpm

5. Copy the OAuth credentials you were given in the Riffyn UI when you created the agent into  /srv/riffyn/agent/config/auth/agent.json

6. Create a key for this environment using openssl.  This key should be stored in a secure location for future use by new agents installed in this environment.

openssl genrsa -out /srv/riffyn/agent/config/agent-key.pem 2048

7. Data agent configuration file is located at : /srv/riffyn/agent/.riffyn-agent.config.  Default contents of config file are show below.  In most cases you do not need to modify this file but If you are not using the Riffyn multi-tenant site ( then the host name of the agent service that has been configured for your VPC environment must be provided as a parameter. Contact for the agent service hostname for your VPC. 

#!/usr/bin/env bash
readonly SERVICE_USER=root
readonly SERVICE_GROUP=root

8. Start Data Agent

$ service riffyn-data-agent.service start

On successful configuration of Data Agent a green dot appears next to the Data Agent in Riffyn UI.

Once the agent is running, a data source can be created.


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