Step 5 (optional): Manual Data Entry

Single-valued data that was not captured from a data block can be entered in the "Manual Data Entry" section of Parsely. Typically this is data not listed in the file or it is data that can be added to provide additional information when uploading a file.

To add a new single-valued data point, navigate to the "Manual Data Entry" section and add a new entry for each data point:


Manual data entry information can be accessed in all other parts of Parsely (at the end of each drop down menu) and can be used in Run Rules, Resource Rules, and Property Rules. Entries can be preallocated whilst building a Parse configuration (via the drop down selection):


Values for each manual data entry field are prompted for each time a Parse configuration is applied to a step or as part of a collection. This allows for a new manual data entry for each file upload event.


Next Step: Validate your Parsely configuration

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