Copying Data to Clipboard for Selected Runs

Data can be exported via file from an entire run group, or a column of data for selected runs or aggregated runs can be copied to the clipboard. Columns representing labels, names, types, statuses, resources, and properties can be exported by selecting runs and right clicking on the required column in execute or plan mode. If no runs are selected then the column data for all runs will be copied.


The data available for copying depends on the type of the column:

  • Label
    • Copy selected run labels
  • Name
    • Copy selected run names
  • Type
    • Copy selected run types
  • Status
    • Copy selected run statuses (started/stopped)
  • Resource
    • Copy selected resource names
    • Copy selected RifIDs
  • Component/Property
    • Copy selected values

All copied values actions are saved to the clipboard as a column of data which can be pasted into other applications. If data is copied from a run aggregation the data will be ordered by increasing run order, and then the order of the run aggregations in the bottom panel.

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