Run by Run Query

Database queries launched from Riffyn can be parameterized using summary statistics calculated from data that has already been written to runs. In this example the WHERE clause is parameterized using run.starttime.min and run.endtime.max:



When a parameterized query is saved and later executed, users will then have the option to "Execute run by run":


If this option is not selected, a single query will be executed for all runs on the step and each summary statistic will be calculated across all rows of data written to all runs on the step. If instead the "Execute run by run" is selected, multiple queries will be run -- one for each run selected in the Measure mode bottom panel -- and the summary statistics for each query will be calculated using only the data written to the rows of each corresponding run. The results for each query will be concatenated into a single combined data set whose values are then mapped to run, resource and property data via the Parsely interface.


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