When Tags have been applied to Processes or Experiments, they appear as additional filtering options in the sidebars of the corresponding libraries. Tags are private by default, but can be shared with other users or teams by navigating to the Tag Library and right-clicking on a tag. Tag Viewers can use the shared tag to filter their own libraries. Tag Operators can also add the tag to additional entities. Tag Admins can also delete a tag or change its name or description. Access controls for tags are independent of the access controls on the entities that are tagged.

Tags can be added to or removed from multiple entities at one time via the Process or Experiment Libraries by right-clicking any one of the selected entities and opening the "Add/Remove Tag" modal:

Matching tags will be suggested while typing, or new tags can be created by hitting ENTER. If a user has Admin or Operator access to a tag, an "x" will appear next to the tag. Clicking the "x" will remove the tag from the displayed list. Click the UPDATE button to save only the displayed list of tags to the selected entities. Tags are applied only to the selected entities: e.g., experiments do not automatically inherit the tags applied to their processes.


Users can see all the entities that have been tagged with a specific Tag by navigating to the Tag Library and double-clicking the Tag. The Tag Details modal will open, displaying tables of the Tags, Processes and Experiments that have been tagged with that Tag. Double-clicking any one of those entities will open it in a new tab.


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