Units on Properties

Properties can have units associated with them if they are of the integer or float types. Whilst in the 'create new property' modal in design mode, there is a section for units:


When creating a new permitted unit (such as velocity) the headers should be used for the following:

  • Symbol: The shorthand for the unit: m/s. The symbol will be what appears next to the property the units is assigned to.
  • Name: The full name of the unit: velocity.
  • Definition: The SI base unit representation: meter/second_time 

Units in the system can be added from the list of available units, or new units can be added. New units should build on the seven base SI units or aggregated from existing system units. The SI base units are:

  • meter: represented as meter
  • kilogram: represented as kilogram
  • second: represented as second_time
  • ampere: represented as ampere
  • kelvin: represented as kelvin
  • mole: represented as mole
  • candela: represented as candela

Appropriate conversions should be listed in the unit definition, such as gram = 10^-3*kilogram. Normal math operators can be used when defining how new units are derived from base units.

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