Clicking on "users" in the "people" section of the library will take you to a list of all the users in your organization.


This user list will show:

  • User: The full name of the user
  • Username: The name used for authentication
  • Email: The email associated with a Riffyn account. This is used in determining the organization a user belongs to
  • Created: The date a user account was created
  • Organization: The organization a user belongs to. Typically this is based on the user's email domain, but Org Admins can change the affiliation of a user,
  • Status: The account status of the user.

Clicking on a user name will show additional details such as:

  • User ID: The unique 17 character ID for the user
  • Account Type: The type of account (user, org admin, etc) the user holds

As an org admin you can edit/suspend, and add user accounts to this list.

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