Automatically Generated Resources

A resource will be automatically created for a run if a step generates a new resource. A step generates a new resource if the resource type is an output and not an input of the step, or the sample of/make new feature was used.

Generated resources in a run will have a unique RiffID (prefixed by GR) and a Riffyn generated name. Step 2 of the public process "Riffyn: Measure Absorbance" uses the "sample of/make new" feature to generate a new output resource. 


Run R1 on this step has the resource called "GR-JKCe" automatically assigned as the output resource type "Sample of Solution" when the run is added. Riffyn generated names can given a new name the moment they are created, and these names will be updated across all of Riffyn. Generated resource can also be renamed when uploading data OR generated resources can be renamed using formulas (accessible by right clicking on the resource name header).

Generated resources are automatically added to the resource library, and can be used just like manually created resources.

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