Creating Resources Manually

Resources can be manually created from the resource library, or when assigning resources in measure mode. A new resource will be automatically created if a step generates a new resource (if the resource type is an output and not an input of the step, or the sample of/make new feature was used).


To create a new resource in measure mode click the "Create New" below the search results to the left of the window. This will open the "Define New..." modal where you can name and create a new resource.

The new resource will:

  • Automatically have the properties and components of its resource type. Additional properties and components can be added to the resource, but will not be added to the run.
  • Have fixed properties values that are be inherited from the fixed property values already specified for runs that do not have resources already assigned, as noted in the article on fixed properties.
  • Be added to your resource inventory and be available everywhere in Riffyn.

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