Using Resources

Resources are a specific instance of a resource type used in your experiment.

If your resource type is "API Compound" then the resource would be the specific API compound used such as "C-334DAF". This can be seen in Step 2 of the public process "Riffyn PK/Tox Study".


Resources have any name, but their name should be chosen to allow them to be distinctly identified from other resources of the same resource type. If the resource type is "centrifuge", appropriate resource names might be "Beckman", or "Beckman S/N 940290". The unique resource name can also be used in conjunction with fixed properties to build up information about a specific resource, as shown below:


Using specific resources in experiments allows for identification of what materials are flowing between process steps (or which instruments are being used). Resources are used by Riffyn to create linkages between each run on each step of an experiment as detailed in the articles regarding Connected Runs here.

If a resource type exists only as an output or the sample of/make new feature is used, then output resources are given a new Riffyn generated name. These 'generated resources' are most often used when each run's output represents a unique instance of a resource - such as process samples. When used in conjunction with the file upload feature it becomes a powerful tool for naming samples generated by your process.

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