Getting Started with the Riffyn AddIn for JMP

The Riffyn Tools JMP AddIn helps you explore Riffyn data with powerful tools for fetching, joining, cleaning, annotating, hit-picking and tagging data both in JMP tables, and in Riffyn directly from JMP. These tools can be accessed from the "Riffyn" menu after installing the JMP AddIn.


Installation Instructions (assumes you already have JMP installed):

1. Download the JMP AddIn

2. Double click on the downloaded .jmpaddin file

3. Select "Install"

A "Riffyn" menu will appear between the "Tools" and "View" menus in JMP:


RiffynTools Instructions:

1. Open a Riffyn data table that you downloaded from your browser, or fetch a table via the "Get and join experiment data" option on the Riffyn menu.

2. Explore the toolset, and send us your questions at We are happy to help you!


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