Learning Timeline

The following selection of articles are collated to help those new to Riffyn to start benefiting from its features as quick as possible.

Before you start

  1. Requirements
  2. Introduction to Riffyn capabilities and concepts
    1. Design
    2. Measure
    3. Analyze
    4. Share
  3. Intro to Workflows, Material Flows & Data Flows
  4. Other (coming soon)

Creating your first process

  1. Create process
  2. Rename process
  3. Add additional steps
  4. Link to existing process (advanced)

Adding resource types to your process

  1. Specify input/output/pass-through resource types
  2. Add properties to resource types
  3. Specify current protocol (coming soon)
  4. Specify desired outcomes (coming soon)

Setting up your first experiment

  1. Create experiment
  2. Create runs on a step
  3. Connect runs across steps
  4. Plan input values for individual runs (coming soon)

Executing your experiment

  1. Specify material batches / instruments used (coming soon)
  2. Enter single and multi-valued data
  3. Fixed properties
  4. Record measurements from file
  5. Record measurements from data source

Analyze your results

  1. Plot step data (coming soon)
  2. Export experiment data
  3. Export process data

Share your process

  1. Share process



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