Guide to making your first experiment


The following selection of articles are collated to help those new to Riffyn to start benefiting from its features as quick as possible.

IMPORTANT TIP: When making your first new process and experiment start simple! It's like any new thing, take baby steps and gain some success on something small and easy before trying to tackle the complex. For example, make a single step process to capture your final assay data. Once that's working, add a few upstream sample prep steps and reactions to capture more of your experimental process. You'll be building confidence and a useable dataset of increasing sophistication the whole way along.


Before you create your first experiment

  1. Read watch, read and do the Getting Started section.

Create your first (simple) process

  1. Create process
  2. Rename process
  3. Add additional steps
  4. Link to existing process (advanced)

Adding resource types to your process

  1. Specify input/output/pass-through resource types
  2. Add properties to resource types

Setting up your first experiment

  1. Create experiment
  2. Create runs on a step
  3. Connect runs across steps

Collecting data on your experiment

  1. Enter single and multi-valued data
  2. Fixed properties
  3. Record measurements from file
  4. Record measurements from data source

Analyze your results

  1. Export experiment data
  2. Export process data
  3. Analyze your data

Share your process

  1. Share process





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