Public Processes

Check out the public processes on for examples of Riffyn in different scientific disciplines. Public processes are View-only, but you can copy and modify them for your own work. They are accessed via the left navigation area in the Process Library:


Click on the Riffyn Curated tag to filter to the following example processes:

  • Riffyn: Animal PK Study
  • Riffyn: Animal PK/Tox Study
  • Riffyn: Fermentation
  • Riffyn: Run Bioreactor
  • Riffyn: Cell Line Development Process
  • Riffyn: Cell Culture
  • Riffyn: HPLC of Cell Culture Supernatant
  • Riffyn: Make Glycerol Stocks
  • Riffyn: Measure Absorbance
  • Riffyn: Measure Mode Tutorial
  • Riffyn: Design Mode Tutorial
  • Riffyn: The Daily Grind (Brewing Coffee)
  • Riffyn: Make Media

*Please e-mail if there are any public processes you would like to see. Note that some processes may vary based on your VPC environment.

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