Capturing Data from Databases

Before capturing data from a database, a Riffyn Data Agent must first be installed on the local network of the database,  then set up as a Data Environment on Riffyn.  To do that, please follow the instructions for Data Agent / Data Environment setup.

Once a Data Environment is set up, the database can be queried directly from an experiment. Queries are configured on steps in an experiment and saved for all future experiments.  Each time a query is run, the retrieved data are fed into Parsely so that the data fields can be mapped to Riffyn properties. These property mappings are saved with the query.

Queries are added to a step in Measure Mode by selecting a step and clicking the database icon at the bottom of the screen.


This will open the modal to select an existing query or create a new one. Click the "+" button to create a new query or click the edit button to open and modify and existing query.

This will open a query configuration window where an SQL query can be specified (using the query tool) to retrieve data from any connected database or datasource.

Once a query is configured it can be executed by clicking the Execute button to fetch the data and return it to Riffyn. The retrieved data will be sent to Parsely for mapping to properties.



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